Hardware Research Engineer - Automotive

 Job description

  • Electronic Engineer with 2-5 years of model based software development and testing experience in the field of
    industrial / automotive / engineering areas.
  • The Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Engineer is responsible for the development and maintenance of the
    vehicle software test environment. The test environment consist of a hardware part (the electricals and electronics
    of the simulator), a modelling part (the engine, after treatment and vehicle simulation models) and a
    software part (the test-automation framework). The HiL engineer is responsible for all three areas.

Job experience

  • Design, implement, validate, and document Matlab/Simulink/AMESim models for interfacing to HIL
    system hardware and CAN networks.

  • Design, build, validate, and document HIL I/O circuits and wiring harnesses to interface HIL simulator to
    electronic control units and subsystem sensors and actuators.

  • Design, implement, validate, and document test scripts, test automation, and user interfaces for HIL system.
  • Work closely with control system developers to create HIL test plans, validate operation of Vehicle
    Control System software and hardware on HIL, process and analyze test data, and create test reports.

  • Maintain HIL system operation with updates to interface models, system hardware, user interfaces, and
    test automation as required.

  • Experience in real time simulation (dSPACE, XPCTarget) and MATLAB / Simulink / Stateflow.
  • Good knowledge of automotive ECU electrical interface and sensor/actuator electrical interfaces.
  • Good understanding of CAN/LIN/MOST communication.
  • Experience with vehicle electronics validation, ie, start auth, alarm, central locking, remote, doors,
  • Experience with Body, Powertrain, Chassis and Hybrids simulation.
  • Experience with systems level validation using simulation platforms such as dSPACE.
  • Experience with hardware integration and simulation of ECU I/O
  • Experience of working to tight deadlines and organizing own time within management procedures.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work with key suppliers to deliver projects with tight

Job Requirement:

  • Education : BE / B.Tech, MTech Electronics Engineering
  • Willingness to travel and work in a global team of professionals

  • The primary job location will be Germany
  • Reliable, flexible and a good team player also with the capacity to work independently

  • English
  • German an advantage