Many manufacturing customers have Engineered to Order (ETO) or Configured to Order (CTO) product offerings for their end customers. Kanchi Technologies offers solutions to manufacturing customers who want to reduce the time and cost of servicing their customers. We augment the current teams for these services either at a regional level or for better managing peak loading. Our knowledge of processes and methodologies in the application engineering services adds value for our customers. Many a times customers also benefit from the rigorous process adherence and documentation such services bring to the engagement. Our adaptive execution model allows customers to benefit more from using the right tool. Our different solution offerings include

  • Schematics
  • Layout
  • Wire harness
  • Quick Connectors
  • Optimal component selection
  • Configuring the right product
  • Proposal Engineering
  • Application Engineering

Proposal Engineering & Application Engineering

These application engineering services achieve compounded benefit from the portfolio of engineering business process solutions that Kanchi Technologies offers. If you manufacture and sell your products in an Engineered to Order (ETO) or Configured to Order (CTO) environment we can offer you solutions to minimize the use of your core sales teams time to make proposals and also use our team to reduce the time and costs needed to service your customers in engineering.