If product realization lifecycle can be broadly divided into 4 activities of design, development, manufacturing and change management & documentation, then each of the activities requires a different set of tools and techniques from a service provider using global delivery model to add value to the customer to the fullest extent.  Today, service providers for economic reasons like to apply “Outsourcing” to all service functions.  In many cases this leads to inefficiency in the process and alienates the customers.  In addition to these, are the socio-economic challenges brought about by the recession.  This has caused a lot of negative press on outsourcing. 

Outsourcing non-core product development activities typically leads to a range of benefits: lower product development costs, increased engineering capacity to support growth initiatives, access to local markets, and improved innovation by leveraging the outsourcing partner’s experiences and insights in emerging markets.  Engineering services outsourcing is experiencing rapid growth as companies recognize that the benefits of this collaboration do not preclude the ability to retain core engineering competencies and differentiators.  This process when modified to “Co-sourcing” can remedy most of the deficiencies of outsourcing.  At Kanchi Technologies, we integrate with our clients in every phase of the development process.  

Our clients are our partners; we work together to meet our goals.  We work with our clients in also developing their In-sourcing strategy, at onsite (customer location), offsite (KTI global locations), Near-shore and captive centers.  We also facilitate our clients to assimilate their delivery centers with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model.  Standard pricing models include time & material (T&M), fixed price, and also service level agreement (SLA) driven pricing.  We are also finding increasing acceptance to Pay Per Use (PPU) model or the Cost + Share the Profit (CSP) model in the engineering development domain.  We provide transparency to our customers on the entire process right from the estimation stage.  We ensure successful development by following Process and Project Management Principles in every project to ensure consistency and high quality levels in all deliverables.  At Kanchi Technologies, we have also assimilated the best practices that have matured in the IT industry including agile, scrum, water fall processes in addition to Integrated Cost Reduction, Lean NPD, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

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